Project Description

Experience the natural splendor of Egypt’s North Coast, where the Mediterranean's idyllic waters embrace private beaches, premium islands, and an inviting beach lagoon, blending with dynamic amenities on 864 acres to create an irresistible summer escape in the very heart of Kilo 246 Alex-Matroh Road. Discover a year-round coastal community in the North Coast, designed by world leading WATG to weave seafront serenity with dynamic experiences at your door, forming the very fabric of an unforgettable summer escape.


Whether you wish to live it up or slow down, Summer promises a harmonious blend of recreational facilities, inspired by braids of life to weave a peaceful and fun ambiance for everyone.

1 km Beachfront
Green Spine & Water Features
Beach Lagoons
Swimming Pools
Beach Clubhouse
Entertainment Spine
Sports Facilities
Commercial Zone
Kids Leisure

Project Location

Summer is conveniently located at the intersection of Ras El Hekma and Sidi Heneish, promising the best of all worlds in Kilo 246 Alex-Matrouh Road. Alive with inescapable energy and uninterrupted serenity, the destination is surrounded by elite developers in every direction.

Distance from major institutions:
  • Cairo 350 KM
  • Alexandria 201 KM
  • Borg El Arab 182 KM
  • Al Alamein 118 KM
  • Ras El Hekma 4 KM

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